Wade Phillips on Tony Dungy: “I Don’t Know How Much Credibility He Has” – BlackSportsOnline
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Wade Phillips on Tony Dungy: “I Don’t Know How Much Credibility He Has”

For a very long time, no one has ever said a negative word about former Colts head coach Tony Dungy.

Then he became a part of media.

I give Dungy credit— he doesn’t sugarcoat things. If he believes it, he speaks on it with conviction.  He doesn’t seem to have any agenda or bias towards anyone and he calls it as he sees it.  I can respect that out of a media personality even if I don’t agree with Dungy all the time.

You have to have thick skin in this business especially when players and coaches are very sensitive, but also have the right to respond to criticism as well.

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips didn’t like some of the comments Dungy made about Tony Romo here is what he had to say:

On Sunday, in the wake of quarterback Tony Romo’s three-interception showing in a loss to Tennessee, Dungy said a quarterback had to avoid turnovers to be a team leader. Romo responded on Thursday by inviting Dungy to join him at practice.

Coach Wade Phillips invoked the memory of Dungy’s prediction last season that the Cowboys had no chance against New Orleans. The Cowboys ended the Saints’ run at an unbeaten season.

“He’s been a great coach in this league,” Phillips said. “I know he told everybody that New Orleans was going to kill us last year. I don’t know how much credibility he has that way.”

Shots fired?

Wade and Romo have more things to worry about than Tony Dungy.

Nothing Dungy said is out of line considering the state the Cowboys are currently in. The facts are Tony Romo was supposed to be the next Aikman or the next Roger Staubach and he has been playing more like the next Danny White and that might be an insult to White who lead the Cowboys at least to the NFC Championship (and was a good punter).