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A Forensics Scientist To Decide Jenn Sterger vs. Brett Favre Case

It is my hope that one day this case is on Forensic Files.

The story has lost a lot of steam because the Vikings coaching situation and people moved on to more interesting things than “Lil Favre”, but it appears it will come to a conclusion this week.

According to ESPN’s John Clayton, a decision in the Brett Favre investigation could come within a week.

Clayton also reports that Sterger last week gave the league “the final visual evidence,” whatever that means.  Clayton says that Favre is expected to be re-interviewed this week.

A forensics expert has been hired to trace the electronic footprints created by photos of a body part that leaves an entirely different mark in the sand.

If anything the NFL is thorough, hiring forensic experts isn’t cheap.

Favre has denied sending the pics and if it is proven that he lied, we know Roger Goodell doesn’t take kindly to that.  Sterger rolled the dice that Favre was going to pay up and she crapped out.

Her only hope now is that the NFL punishes Favre and then that would give her grounds for a lawsuit.

I still believe Favre escapes this scandal— if he does get punished he can always blame God (see: Johnson, Stevie).