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Audio: Tiger Woods Speaks To ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning

Tiger Woods Speaks to ESPN Mike and Mike in the Morning
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It has almost been a year since Elin was swinging 9 Irons at Tiger causing him to crash.


That set off a chain of events that I don’t think anyone could have saw coming.

It is hard to feel sorry for Tiger, he is still worth several hundred million dollars and while some of the media did go overboard with the Tiger Bashing, he was out breaking lamps with porn stars, while portraying an image of a wholesome family man.

His team feels the time is right to try to repair his reputation, so he hopped on twitter, wrote an op-ed piece for Newsweek and today did a radio spot with ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning where he talked about gaining a “balance” in his life.

I understand what Tiger is trying to do, but the facts are some things in life are like virginity, once you lose it you can’t get it back.

Tiger’s reputation as it once was, will never be the same.

What he needs to do is follow the Kobe pattern and just win, then people won’t care about the past. Getting on twitter is nice, but winning some majors would be better.