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Bernard Hopkins: “Why Doesn’t Manny Pacquaio Fight African-Americans”

This is not something new, it is sort of taboo and many people won’t address it, but Bernard Hopkins doesn’t care about being politically correct.

And if you look at Pacquiao opponents over the last five years, you will not see a top notch American black fighter.

He fought Joshua Clottey of Ghana, but Clottey isn’t American born and has more of foreign style of boxing.

Here is what B Hop had to say:

Floyd Mayweather would beat Manny Pacquiao because the styles that African-American fighters — and I mean, black fighters from the streets or the inner cities — would be successful,” said Hopkins, according to “I think Floyd Mayweather would pot-shot Pacquiao and bust him up in between the four-to-five punches that Pacquiao throws and then set him up later on down the line.”

Pacquaio fought and defeated Joshua Clottey of Ghana earlier this year, but Hopkins discounted that win, saying “Clottey is ‘black,’ but not a ‘black boxer’ from the states with a slick style.”

My personal opinion is that I don’t think Pacquaio intentionally is ducking or avoiding anyone.  I think Top Rank is putting him in a position where he has the best chance to succeed and make money, which is what promoters are paid to do.

I agree with Hopkins that Mayweather’s style would definitely be an issue for Pacquaio because Mayweather is more skilled than any of the opponents have faced.

There is some truth in what Hopkins is saying, I don’t think it is a racial issue, just the facts that Pacquaio has had opportunities to fight Shane Mosley or Andre Berto, but decided to got the easier route of Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey and Antonio Margarito.

Mayweather can’t really complain, because he has made similar “business decisions”, same thing with Hopkins who has been known to pick and choose carefully his opponents.

Everyone just want the fight to happen, because until then we are all just talking.