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Derrick Rose Fails to Show Up for His Cameo on CBS Sitcom “The Good Wife”

Rose was supposed to make a cameo on the show “The Good Wife”, but in a weird turn of events when they sent the limo to pick him up, he decided not to come out of the house.

Considering they don’t let Rose speak in his own commercials, I thought it was odd that Rose would be on a sitcom, but I also thought it was good for him to start to come out of his shell a bit.

Did he get “cold feet”?

Here are the details:

NBA star Derrick Rose sparked fury on the set of CBS’s “The Good Wife” yesterday when he didn’t show up to film an agreed cameo appearance in New York.

The Bulls point guard refused to come out of his house in Chicago when the crew sent a car to pick him up on Tuesday morning, sources tell us.

“Derrick had agreed to play himself in an episode. The deal had been done and the contract had been signed,” we’re told.

“But when the car arrived at his house in Chicago Tuesday morning, he didn’t answer the door,” our source related. “The driver waited but he didn’t appear. Finally, an unidentified man came out and said: ‘Derrick is not going to New York.’

If the contracts were signed, Rose should have showed up. He has to think about more than just himself. There are cast and crew who were scheduled to work that he screwed over.

Furthermore, if you do decide you don’t want to do it, that is fine, but be man enough to pick up the phone or have your agent pick up the phone and alert someone.

Don’t have one of your “yes men” deliver the news to the driver. That is “moist”, and Rose is better than that.