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Ron Artest Consults With Terrell Owens About His Future as a NFL Tight End

My favorite NBA player Ron Artest has been talking about playing in the NFL after his NBA career is over. And while most people just laughed it off, Artest appears to be serious.

This is Ron Artest we are talking about—so I would not be surprised if one day he just showed up at a NFL training camp Willie “Mays” Hayes style and just starts catching passes.

In his quest to find out if he has what it takes, Artest gets a consultation with Terrell Owens:

Artest revealed Monday one of the NFL players with whom he has talked about his hoped-for post-NBA football career is Terrell Owens.

Artest said Owens will help determine whether  “I’m crazy or I have a legitimate shot.”

Artest did say Friday night that the football players laughed at him, but on Monday afternoon Artest said Owens was nice enough to consult with Artest on the matter this offseason and make a gauge. Artest said Owens would also help determine if Artest’s tentative plan to play tight end was logical or another position was better. But Artest said of Chargers tight end Antonio Gates, whose lead-up to NFL stardom was basketball is “definitely a big inspiration.”

Who knew that T.O. was a talent evaluator as well.

One team that Artest could probably make right now is the Bengals, because they are horrible and need all the help they can get.   There is always a method to Artest’s madness, so maybe he is seriously considering this.

If there was a reality show about Artest’s quest to make a NFL roster, I would watch it.

If Michael Jordan can play baseball, why can’t Artest go play for the Detroit Lions?