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Video: Richard Seymour Pimp Slaps Ben Roethlisberger

After throwing a beautiful TD pass, Roethlisberger tried to interject in the trash talking going on between Seymour and a Steelers offensive lineman.

Seymour didn’t take to kindly to that and pimp slapped Roethlisberger in the throat.

My guess on what Roethlisberger said to Seymour said?

“I heard you have a daughter in college”.

Ben proceeds to roll around like he was Vince Carter pretending to be seriously hurt, to ensure that Seymour would get ejected. It is that type of “acting” that leads me to believe you can never trust anything that comes out of his mouth or bathroom. But since he is my fantasy quarterback, good job of getting the Raiders best interior lineman out of the game.

The lesson to be learned here is not to get involved in Seymour’s trash talking unless you ready to get handled like Ike Turner.