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Woman Claims She Was Raped By Two Temple Football Players

Unlike Notre Dame, Temple is taking the accusation very seriously, even though it is unknown if their players being accused are still allowed to play.

With any type of sexual assault, I believe until there is some concrete evidence, all of the names should not be released to the public. Because regardless if you are innocent or guilty, once your name is attached, it is hard to shake that reputation of either a liar in the woman’s case or a rapist in the man’s case.

According to two Philadelphia television stations, and as relayed by the Philadelphia Inquirer, city police are investigating a woman’s claim that she was raped by two members of the Temple football program.

“We received a report of a sexual assault from a student on Saturday that took place on our campus in a residence hall,” said Ray Betzner, an assistant vice president for university communications at Temple. “The investigation is currently being done by the City of Philadelphia Police Department, the Special Victims Unit.

I never take anyone’s side in these cases. All I ask is that the woman who is accusing report it immediately to the police, which is what this young lady has done.

I hope now the police investigate it thoroughly.

If her claims are true, the players need to be thrown under the jail. And if she isn’t telling the truth she should be prosecuted for false accusations.

Either way, it is being handled better than the Notre Dame situation.

H/T to @Sportsmediaworld