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Cam Newton: “I Did Nothing Wrong..I Did Things The Right Way”

No one cares that Shaq’s cheated on his wife, you know why?

Because for the most part, Shaq is a likable guy and with people we like, we tend to look the other way.  It was something that was known, but not a big deal.  The reason being Shaq never threw it in our face, he wasn’t on TV saying he was a man of the cloth or preaching fidelity at the church of Tim Tebow.

Cam Newton is so talented you want to root for him and ignore the fact he was being pimped out for his services— if he would have just stayed quiet, we wouldn’t have to deal with it especially since he was cleared by the NCAA, but Newton felt the need to “state his case” and it was worst decision he could have made.

I can’t say with 100% certainty Cam Newton is lying because I don’t speak in absolutes, but Cam Newton is lying.

Quarterback Cam Newton said Thursday that he “did no wrong” in choosing to attend Auburn, and that he decided to play for the Tigers because “Auburn possessed what’s best for Cam Newton.”

Newton’s father, Cecil, was found by Auburn and the NCAA to have asked for money from Mississippi State in exchange for a letter of intent from his son. Cam Newton said, “Everything I’ve done at this university, I did it the right way,” in an interview Thursday with ESPN’s Chris Fowler.

“I’m a person that did no wrong,” Newton said. “I did it the right way

Cam Newton told ESPN he hadn’t directly asked his father what transpired between him and Mississippi State, but “at the end of the day I can look him in the eye and know he has my best interests at heart.”

Cam Newton says the truth will come out.

I hope he remembers that because by going on ESPN and basically saying:

“Catch me if you can.”

He has been given the green light to people who would like nothing more to bring Cam Newton and Auburn down. And if you think there aren’t people digging right now, you are being naive.

When Newton says his dad had his “best interests” at heart, all that tells me is he understands that his father took the fall for him.

Just like I would expect a father to do, he fell on the sword for his kid, but don’t be surprised sometime in the future if Cam gets stabbed in the back.