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Cowboys DB Mike Jenkins on DeSean Jackson: “It Was Disrespectful”

I don’t know if it is the Cowboys’ secondary place to talk—- considering they were torched.

The easiest way to stop the taunting is to stop Jackson, and then he can’t act like a clown before scoring. But here is what Jenkins had to say:

It was disrespectful,” Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins said. “He knew he was going to score. That’s him. We beat him three times in a row last year, so he was going to come back and try to everything he could.”

Jackson has a lot of growing up to do in my opinion.  When Andy Reid got on him a couple of weeks ago, he cried like a baby.  When things are going his way he likes to showboat, when they aren’t he pouts.

Professionals are able to handle the good and the bad.  They don’t have such extreme highs and lows.

One other thing— if you watch the video, Terrence Newman quits on the play—if he doesn’t start jogging at the 20 yard line, Jackson would have been forced to cross the goal line the proper way, so like most of the Cowboys season, the blame is on them.