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Hines Ward: “The NFL are Hypocrites”

The Steelers feel like they are being railroaded by the NFL (they need to go watch a replay of their Super Bowl win in 2006, to know that isn’t true).

Because of all the fines James Harrison has received this season, there hves been a lot of complaints from the Steelers players.

Hines Ward is the latest to speak his mind:

Say one thing, and do another,” Ward said, per the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.  “Talk about safety, but you add two games.  Talk about you don’t want players to drink, but our major endorsement is Coors Light.  That’s all you see is beer commercials.”

Ward laments the rules regarding the quarterback strike zone.  “Can’t hit him in the helmet, can’t him in the knees.  Where can you hit a quarterback?” Ward said.

Ward’s premise is correct.

There are a lot of hypocrisy in the NFL.

They do over protect the quarterbacks in my opinion— the 18 game season seems stupid when you are preaching players safety all year and some of the endorsements seem counterproductive to the positive message they are trying send to the public.

One thing to point out, though. With the beer endorsement, the NFL doesn’t say don’t drink, it says don’t drink and drive going 100MPH in the HOV lane.

While Ward makes some good points, the Steelers need to stop their whining and just play.

They were one Steve Johnson dropped passed from losing to the Bills.

They should thank God for that.