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Jenn Sterger Meeting With Roger Goodell Gets “Heated”

Jenn Sterger has been backed into a corner. Favre is not going to pay, no one in the media will hire her and the NFL appears to be ready to let Lil Favre off the hook.

The only way she can save what is left of her tattered reputation is if the NFL comes down hard on Favre, but it doesn’t appear that isn’t going to happen.

She rolled the dice and looks like she is about to crap out.

Michael O’Keeffe of the New York Daily News confirms that the meeting occurred, and he reports that the session “became heated at times.”

It’s not surprising that it became heated, given the perception by Sterger’s representatives that no action will be taken against Favre.  Sterger’s manager, Phil Reese, and her lawyer, Joe Conway, believe that Sterger’s name can be cleared only with a finding that Favre in some way violated the league’s Personal Conduct Policy via his interactions with Sterger.

Part of the problem, in our view, is that the Sterger camp at times confuses “wrongdoing” with sexual harassment.  If Favre, a married man, pursued Sterger for a romantic relationship by, among other things, sending photos of a sensitive part of his anatomy via text message, he engaged in something that most reasonable persons would describe as wrongdoing.  But whether it amounted to sexual harassment is a more complicated proposition, depending in large part on Sterger’s reaction to the alleged advances.

Mike Florio of hits the nail on the head.  I think everyone agrees that Favre is a dirty old man. The problem is that Sterger didn’t seem to mind that at all.  If anything she seemed to get a kick out of the attention Favre was giving her.

It was only until Deadspin exposed the “Lil Favre” pics and lawyers got to Sterger that she became righteous.

It is transparent and everyone including the NFL sees right through it.  The lesson to be learned here is if you want to cash out, act like you are offended at the beginning, not two years later.