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Laptop That Cam Newton Allegedly Stole Exposed By Erin Everhart on Twitter

Both Deadspin and Sports By Brooks believe the laptop that Erin Everhart posted on Twitter, is the Dell computer that allegedly was stolen by Cam Newton while he was at Florida.

Remember what I told you—as soon as Cameron went on ESPN and said:

“I did nothing wrong, I do things the right way.”

A million people looking for their 15 minutes of fame were going to come out of the woodwork with a story, incident or in this case a DELL.

The person who the laptop was stolen from believes it is indeed his computer.

We were sent these photos, including the computer and the Florida PD’s property label, claiming that we could verify them by the serial number. Sure enough, it matches what’s listed in the police report. But we went to Paul Loschak, the former UF student that Newton stole it from, to make sure.

It’s “100 percent definitely the laptop,” Loschak told us. But we were curious about Newton’s name, painted in large white block letters.

When I first bought my laptop, I painted a picture of a forest and a river on the back. I did it partly because I was bored, and partly because I wanted my laptop to have some major identifying features in case it ever got stolen. After my laptop was stolen in October 2008 Cam (or somebody) painted it black to cover my painting and painted his name on it in big white letters, just like you see in the pictures. That’s exactly how the laptop looked when I got it back from the police evidence department.

I will assume Cameron wasn’t dumb enough to spray paint his name on it and it was someone else’s idea of a joke.  I hope Newton is ready for all the scrutiny he is about to receive, because stuff like this isn’t going to go away.

He is a big star now, I can see the $$$ in people eyes who are more than willing to take advantage of him.

Women, agents, old friends, new friends, family and Antoine Walker are going to try to ride the Cam Newton Gravy Train and if that doesn’t work, there are people whose sole job is to expose him, so they can tweet something like this.

I hope you are paying attention Cameron.