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Miami Heat’s Team Plane “Wing Issue” Causes Emergency Landing

Paging Jesse Ventura

Paging Jesse Ventura

The good news is everyone is safe and sound for the Miami Heat. But I might be going out on a limb— the sooner they can get out of the Cleveland the better:

The Miami Heat experienced airplane troubles on their way to Cleveland for LeBron James’ first game there since he left the Cavaliers.

Jackie Mayo, a spokeswoman for Cleveland Hopkins airport, says the crew of the Heat’s plane reported a wing “flap issue” early Thursday as the aircraft was on its approach. An alert was issued at the airport and two fire trucks were sent out to the runway, which is standard procedure.

Cavaliers spokesman Tad Carper told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that the team’s security will be “remarkably similar” to the norm at Quicken Loans arena, though he did admit that “it’s fair to say we’ll have more security in general.”

“We’re not trying to create a police state for this game,” Carper said, according to the Plain Dealer. “We’ve gone through a very comprehensive process with the league security folks, the local authorities, the Cleveland Police Department, and we feel like we have a great plan in place to make sure we have a safe, law-abiding environment.”

If  the Miami Heat was smart, they would find Jack Bauer over in China offer him immunity to have him run tactical on Lebron’s stay in Cleveland.

Personally, that is the only way I would feel safe right now.

Originally, I thought maybe Cavs fan would behave themselves—but I am being told that may not be the case. It is easy to say what you are going to do before the games starts when you have computer courage. It is totally different to actually do it.

So I am hoping when push comes to shove, Cavs fans will stick to the professional ether.