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Michael Vick Can Own a Dog in 2012

I wonder if Vick actually looked at his probation papers to see what his conditions specifically are.   It was a big story yesterday of him saying he wished he could own a dog for his kids and rehabilitation.

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It didn’t take long for someone to discover that Vick can own a dog and his kids will still be in elementary school when it can take place.

We tracked down (thanks to a reader who also is a lawyer) a copy of Vick’s sentencing order from December 10, 2007.  And while the document states that “[t]he defendant shall not engage in the purchase, possession, or sale of any canine,” that limitation appears as a condition of Vick’s supervised release, otherwise known as probation.

Vick was placed on three years of “supervised release,” which began to run after he was released from prison.  Thus, at some point in 2012, he’ll no longer be on supervised release — and he’ll be able to buy, own, and/or sell dogs.

There you go— so in 2012, Vick can go pick up Scooby Doo, Snoopy, Droopy, Old Yeller or whatever dog he wants to have.