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Michael Vick: “I Would Like to Own a Dog One Day”

I think it is silly that Michael Vick can’t get a poodle for his daughters.

I understand banning him from having any pit bulls or fighting dogs, but I think an exception can made for a golden retriever or something. Do people think Vick is going to be fighting the poodle against the schitzu on the corner.

Here is what Vick had to say.

“I would love to get another dog in the future. I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process,” Vick said.

“I think just to have a pet in my household and to show people that I genuinely care, and my love and my passion for animals; I think it would be outstanding,” Vick said in the interview. “If I ever have the opportunity again I will never take it for granted.

I miss having a dog right now. I wish I could. My daughters miss having one, and that’s the hardest thing: Telling them that we can’t have one because of my actions,” Vick said in the interview.

Let this man have a Scooby Doo for his kids.

He was in jail for two years and he is millions in debt—I think he has been punished enough. He should be allowed to have a puppy.  You aren’t punishing Michael Vick, you are punishing his children and that cruel.

The Judge should rescind that ban.