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Mo Williams on Lebron’s Return: “It’s More Than a Game”

When my first serious girlfriend left me for the Ohio State Lacrosse player, I avoided her like the plague.

My pride wouldn’t allow me to let her see how truly devastated I was.

Ohio State is a big campus, but the African-American population is relatively small, so everyone knew everybody.   There was an African-American heritage festival every spring and there was no avoiding her there.

The year before, I won a freestyle competition (I used to rap back in the day) and everyone wanted to know if I was going to defend my title.  Everyone also knew about what happened with me and her and how she took her talents to the Lacrosse field.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t just another “competition” for me even though I had been competing in these rap battles since I was 16.

What does this have to do with Mo Williams?

Lebron was his girlfriend and The Heat were the Lacrosse player and Thursday night, it is Williams’ time to step up to the mic.

“This game is not just for us,” Williams said following practice Wednesday. “It’s the 20,000 fans and the millions watching who will be pulling for us. We’ve got people who aren’t even Cavs fans who will be pulling for us. We’ve got a lot behind us.”

“It’s definitely more than a game, I can tell you that,” Williams said. “This game has been circled. There’s a lot of playoff feeling going on.”

“The whole world is watching,” Williams said. “It’s something that will go in the history books. I’ll be a part of it. I’m proud of that.”

“That’s in the past,” he said. “It’s over and done with. We can go on and on with it. We talked about it. This summer, I voiced my opinions. I put it behind me. It’s not personal. It’s not personal at all.”

If you recall in the movie 8 Mile, after Eminem sees his girl “breaking lamps” with his enemy and then gets beat up in front of his daughter, he goes to the rap the battle and shuts it down by freestyling all the stuff that had happened to him.

A reverse psychology ploy and something that I tried that afternoon when I stepped up to the mic.

In 16 bars I had cleansed my spirit and was ready to move on. Hopefully after the Cavaliers, Mo Williams and the City of Cleveland spits their verse Thursday night, they will be able to move on as well.

I’m out……..

Oh you want to know what happened with my rap battle?

I lost, to a female rapper if you can believe that. But no worries, I was winning later that evening with the same female, if you smell with The Rock is cooking.