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Mugshots: Police Use Stun Gun to Arrest Bucs LB Geno Hayes

Here is the check list.

Athlete at the club?


Alcohol involved?


After 2am?


Bad outcome?

Check Mate….

An officer used a stun gun on Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Geno Hayes before he was arrested early this morning at a Tampa nightclub, authorities reported.

Hayes, 23, was charged just after 2 a.m. with trespassing and disorderly conduct at the Blue Martini at International Plaza, according to an arrest report.

Hayes was told to leave the club by management and was belligerent while being escorted to the parking lot, police said. The arrest report did not give a reason why Hayes was kicked out of the popular upscale club.

According to the report made by a Tampa police officer, Hayes “was loud, verbally abusive and made threats to myself and staff from the club.”

Hayes. pardon my French, is an idiot. Some situations just happen, others are totally avoidable and this was something that Hayes, if he had any common sense, could have avoided.

The last thing the Bucs need coming off a great win at Washington and fighting for their playoff lives is a distraction like this.

It appears the cop gave Hayes plenty of opportunity to leave, but he chose to stay, so I feel no sympathy for him. I hope the Bucs take the proper action, because they have had multiple incidents this year with players and their off the field activities.

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