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Orlando Magic Interested in Trading for Gilbert Arenas

Desperate times in the Magic Kingdom?

Is Gilbert Arenas the answer?

Probably not, but better than doing nothing and falling deeper into mediocrity.

Orlando and Washington are engaged in serious discussions for a trade that would send Gilbert Arenas(notes) to the Magic, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

The Magic are desperately trying to get rid of Vince Carter as they should, since they have come to the conclusion that almost everyone else in the universe has come to—you can’t win a championship with Half Man/Half Hurt Carter.

Do not be shocked if Dwight Howard walks when he has an opportunity in a few years. He is too nice of a guy to make a big production about it like Lebron or cry about it like Carmelo, but he has to be thinking this is a sinking ship and doesn’t want to waste his prime years if he can go to a contender, better built for his talents.

For Arenas ,taking his six shooters out of DC would be good for him, so I am sure he is pushing for the trade since he is tried of being in John Wall’s “dougie” shadow.