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Rogaine Wants To Help Tom Brady Grow His Hair Back

There was a National Enquirer story saying that the reason Tom Brady has turned into Tom Bieber is to cover up  a bald spot a la George Costanza.

I didn’t find that as interesting as Brady rocking UGGs, but maybe he is going through a mid life crisis or maybe his wife is corrupting him (that wouldn’t be the first time that a wife has done that).  Either way, Rogaine wants to help:

The folks from Rogaine tell TMZ they’re more than happy to offer the reportedly follically-challenged QB a 3-month supply of the product.

Rogaine’s PR people offer this sage advice to Tom:  “He shouldn’t just try and grow his hair to cover that bald spot…he should try and regrow the HAIR that belongs there!”

The company wants to send Tom a free, 3-month supply of Hair Foam and Solution — the unscented, so he doesn’t get bullied by his teammates.

That is funny picture by TMZ.

As long as Brady keeps winning, he can rock UGGs and Justin Bieber wigs to his heart desire— doesn’t really matter.