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Video: Alabama Fans Dediciation to Cam Newton “Buying a Tiger”

With Rocky getting inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame, this appears appropriate.

I am surprised more of these videos haven’t popped up. With the BCS Championship game still over a month away, that will give the You Tube masters plenty of time to get creative with Cam Newton.

This particular one rips “Eye of the Tiger” from the Rocky franchise— nicely done even if they need to change that font if they want us to actually read the words.

The best thing Cam Newton did in this entire situation was not talk. The #1 reason criminals get caught? They talk about their crime— if they would just keep their mouth shut they would still be free. We are sure Cam is dirty, but he kept those hands clean by not incriminating himself.

Because of that, he will be depositing some legit NFL money real soon.