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Video: Cincinnati Bearcats Mascot Arrested For Throwing Snowballs

Funniest thing about this is if you watch the video, the young lady is saying (and I am paraphrasing):

“You guys should stop taping this, what are you going to do put it on the internet?”

If she is on scholarship it should be revoked— someone let her know that it is 2010 not 1999. A mascot getting arrested with a cop holding his Bearcat head and still walking in his Bearcat feet will always end up on the internet:

The Cincinnati Bearcat was arrested on Saturday during their game against Pitt for throwing snowballs at fans and pushing a security guard. And thank goodness, people were on their game and captured both a photo (courtesy of Molly Gruber) and a video (courtesy of FearTheStache). Once again, the Internet wins.

Luckily for Cincinnati, they brought a backup mascot (really) for situations just like this. Well, maybe not just like this but having a backup mascot might be the most interesting tidbit of the day.

You would think the Cincy PD would have more things to patrol than a Mascot throwing snowballs at college students—that is what being in college is all about.

They need to lighten up! The arresting officers must be Bengals fans.