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BCS Championship Game Auburn vs. Oregon: The Prediction

Normally it is a no brainer.

If the SEC is in a BCS Championship game it is a lock they will win.  Auburn is trying to win the 5th straight for the conference.  It is clear they have the best player in Cameron Newton and they have been battle tested.

As I was driving my daughter to school this morning, I was all ready to lock in Auburn in as the pick, when Mike Golic of ESPN Radio said something interesting.

They were talking about Cameron Newton and throwing out a lot of hyperbole like him being better than Vince Young in college (that isn’t true) and that was the reason Mike Greenberg picked Auburn.

Golic then said and I am paraphrasing:

“When a team is so dependent on one player if that player has an off night, they won’t be able to recovered.”

Then the “Football Gods” text me and assured me that all Cameron Newton’s and his pops shady dealings will not be ignored, just like Spygate.

Cameron Newton has handle the distractions and had one of the greatest seasons in college football, but in the end the better team will beat the better player.

Oregon 35

Auburn 31