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Pics: Cecil Newton Ignores Auburn, Watches Son Play in BCS Title Game

I was 100% against Auburn trying to keep Cecil Newton from watching his son Cameron playing for BCS Title Game.  Cecil maybe a swindler, a pimp and a Creflo Dollar style preacher, but he is still a father.

As a father you never want to miss any of your children accomplishments.

Alabama running back Mark Ingram’s dad hid from police because he wanted to see his son.

You didn’t really think Cecil who is good at lying and breaking promises wasn’t going to show up did you?

Brett McMurphy of AOL FANHOUSE also got confirmation from Auburn player Ryan Pugh that the elder Newton was at the game:

Meanwhile over in the east stands, Newton waved up into the stands. He then climbed over the short wall and headed into the stands. He went past the “Eat More Duck” sign and continued a few rows until he found his father, Cecil. Cam — the Heisman Trophy winner — then celebrated with the man who the NCAA determined had shopped his son to Mississippi State for $180,000.

Auburn center Ryan Pugh, who was down on the field conducting interviews, glanced over and saw the Newton’s exchanging a bear hug.

“I wish I was up there with Cam and his dad,” Pugh said.

Cecil should be happy those repairs that the church needs should be completed very quickly after Cameron formally announce he is going to the NFL.