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Cecil Newton Schedules “Media Workout” For Cam Newton

I could be wrong, but does the “media” make draft picks?  I could have sworn that the teams made the draft picks.  I understand that Mel Kiper and his hair talks a lot about the draft, but in the end it is the talent evaluators on the NFL teams that make the decision not ESPN.

I don’t understand why Cecil Newton feels the need to trot out his son to put on a show for the media.

Wait, I forgot this is Cecil Newton, he treats his son like a corner prosititue.

According to Bruce Feldman of ESPN The Magazine, Cecil Newton has arranged for Cam Newton to conduct a workout for the media on February 10 in San Diego.

Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network recently reported that some teams are concerned about Cecil Newton’s involvement in his son’s career.  Apart from the allegations that Cecil Newton sought payment in exchange for Cam’s selection of a Division I school, NFL teams generally don’t look favorably on, for example, a player’s dad calling up the coach and complaining that his son’s not getting enough game reps.

I think Cam Newton is a good kid, I don’t think highly of his father who is a swindler in my opinion.  He needs to let the professional agents and advisers handle Cameron’s career.  Forcing his way in the spotlight only hurts Cam, not help him.

I wouldn’t expect a selfish parent like Cecil to understand that.