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Lebron James “Day to Day” with Sprained Ankle..Karma?

The interesting thing about “Karma” is that I truly believe in it. At its core it is basically the way you treat others will always come back around on you.

You leave your spouse for your mistress, don’t be surprised if your mistress cheats on you.

Hire a coach that lies and manipulates his old employer don’t be shocked if he does it to you.

Dan Gilbert was way out of line with his Comic Sans letter and some of the people in Cleveland have been over the top in their disdain for Lebron James. When you carry around that type of angst and negativity, no one should be surprised the Cavaliers are struggling. Until the franchise truly moves on they won’t be able to succeed.

Lebron knew that when he left, he would leave that franchise in shambles there is no need to twist the knife. The hardest thing to do when you become successful is to stay humble and remember where you came from.

It’s easy to kick a person while they are down, much harder to help them up.

If Lebron wants to really show Dan Gilbert how he feels, just keep winning as a professional. The best way to handle a “hater” as Lebron would say is to smile and keep winning.

Doesn’t matter if it it basketball, business or life.

Nothing makes someone soul burns more than when they are negative to you, you are kind to them. They want to pull you down to their level, but you stay above the clouds, riding in your lane.

Hopefully one day Lebron will figure that out.

The reigning league MVP finished the game and had an X-ray afterward, saying there was no damage.

“The doctor told me it’s day to day so I’ll see how I feel tomorrow,” James said. “I don’t have to be a hero in the regular season if I’m not close to 100 percent.”