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Pieces of Ivory: Female Etiquette for Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend

For the ladies that are going to Super Bowl and NBA All-Star Weekend to kick it with your girls and have a great time.

That’s one thing, but let me give you a few pointers on how to act so you don’t give off the impression that you are here to get choose.

1-Please keep your roommates to a minimum, 3-4 girls to a room with double beds is OK, but 7-8 girls in a queen size room down at Hampton Inn is a no go. If you can’t afford to have decent sleeping arrangements than you don’t need to be there, unless you plan on finding a dude that’s going to let you come bunk with him for a couple of nights.

2- Keep your travel party to no more than three. If you don’t have connects and you and your five friends trying to get in free that isn’t going to happen. If you and your crew have budget appropriately and can afford the 100 cover before 10:30 to get in, then make your crew as large as you want it. But if you would like to be let on your looks alone that will probably only happen for a group of three or less and you are extremely attractive.

3- Stand your ground, unless a guy has enough tickets, pull, or connects to get you and your girls into an event then don’t seem so willing to leave your friends behind. If you meet a great guy and he only has two tickets to the game than you can consider going with him as his date to that event. But if you meet a guy who is only trying to get you into a party to get in your pants and you leave your girls behind you just made his job much easier and showed your true colors to your crew.

4- Do not get Jersey Shore drunk, it’s cool to accept a few drinks in the club that are offered to you, but please don’t get so drunk to the point that you don’t know your surroundings. If it’s dark in the club and you are drunk, how do you expect to remember who you met, what you said and what you agreed to do.

No woman wants to be the drunk chick in the club, that’s totally sloppy and out of order. Men see that woman as an easy target and will continue to buy you drinks until they can convince you to go back to the room with them. Do you really want to wake up in the morning not knowing who you slept with the night before?

5- Your outfits can be sexy but there is no need to show everything to everybody. You want to look your best and most women like to be sexy in this kind of setting. But if your outfit is to0 short, tight or revealing you are giving the impression of the weekend jump off, not a classy sexy lady.

6-If you are going because you are a genuine sports fan, you should have some general sports knowledge. Don’t try to talk about sports If you don’t know what you are talking about.

If you come to these events to have a good time and party, just own it. Don’t talk about how you looking forward to Lebron in the Dunk Contest (memo: He isn’t in it) or how excited you are for Brett Favre to make it back to the Super Bowl with the Packers. If a guy sees that you are just trying to impress him and haven’t got a clue; his first thought is she doesn’t know what she talking about and she is here to get choose!

7- Don’t stand around the VIP line looking thirsty trying to sneak behind the Velvet Rope. You may see the top of Kim Kardashian head and now you want to see who else is in VIP.

You best route if you must get into the private section, is to go out meet some folks in the general club that may have access to get into VIP. Strike up a nice conversation to see if you can get invited in. Don’t just stand near the velvet rope and have the bouncer asking you to step aside a thousand times while other folks are going in talking about the young lady looking so thirsty.

8- Have money to pay for incidentals like cab fare and your food. This happens a lot during these type of weekends. You and your girls are out and some guys invite you to a table. You are drinking, eating and living the good life. When the bill comes the guys cover their portion, but not yours. If you don’t have any cash on you, you will end up looking foolish and if a guy does pick up your tab, he may expect something in return. Furthermore what if you are the drunk girl we talked about before. You sleep with a guy and he kicks you out of his room and you are miles away from your hotel how are you going to get back? Always keep money on you for these type of situations.

9- Act like you belong! Don’t act like this is your first time going anywhere, be respectful of your surroundings, don’t make scenes, don’t act like a groupie even if you are and most importantly remember regardless if you are around celebrities, they are still just people.

Make sure your clothes, hair and overall appearance is in order. If you look and act out of place the first thing that a guy is going to think is:

“Yeah she don’t belong here and she just trying to land her a baller so she can have a come up.”

10- Don’t play the name game during these events, saying that you know someone, went to school, or grew up with them. Unless you know them in real life and they are a real life friend don’t waste your breath. A lot of dudes in these setting run in the same circle, so don’t think they won’t ask one of their boys about you. If you go on and on about being cool with such and such and he don’t remember you, the first thought from the new guy is that she is just a groupie who gets around.

Most importantly just go and have a good time.

Smile, have fun and enjoy the weekend. Don’t stand around looking thirsty and desperate just to get on, waiting for somebody to choose you and upgrade your weekend.

Ladies if you’re coming to these events remember it can be a good time had by all. If you act like a lady and keep it classy nobody will mistake you for being anything else. But please keep in mind being a groupie is a hard work and the competition is fierce if that what you really coming to do!