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Roger Goodell Is Willing To Work For $1

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is willing to cut his salary down to $1 next season…..if there is a work stoppage. In a labor dispute that seems to make progress on the degree of grandstanding, Goodell commented on the situation  on ESPN Radio Mike & Mike show:

“Let me emphasize that we are fully committed to doing everything possible to reach a new collective bargaining agreement without any disruption to our business. The entire senior leadership team stands with me in its commitment to resolving the CBA issues with the player’s union. While several other executives have also volunteered to make additional reductions to their compensation, I have asked them not to take that step at this time as we continue our negotiating efforts.”

The NFL collective bargaining agreement expires March 4th, and NFL Players Association president DeMaurice Smith predicts a lockout at that time. Smith tweeted about Goodell’s comment: “NFL executives reducing salaries in the event of a lockout? If we have a deal by Super Bowl, I’ll go down to 68 cents.”

Smith(Chicken Little) has been claiming the ‘sky is falling’ for quite some time. His claims of  gloom and doom for the upcoming season, seems to have substance. The two sides haven’t even communicated with each other(outside of quips in the media), let alone negotiate.

This situation is between the NFL and players is getting pretty bad.  If Goodell was confident in getting a new agreement done in time, there wouldn’t be the need to make such a statement.  Goodell has been NFL commissioner for 4 years and is currently making $10 million a year. Something tells me that he’ll be ok making a buck.

The Mayans predicted May 12, 2012 would begin the end of the world, I beg to differ.  The current state of affairs, March 4, 2011 is the beginning of the end.