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Urban Meyer to Eventually Succeed Jim Tressel at Ohio State?

I get the feeling people are trying to force the Sweatervest out of Columbus sooner rather than later.

I don’t know why considering the success he has had with the program. I still am trying to get over the horror of the John Cooper era, so in my mind Tressel can stay at OSU until he wearing high water pants like Joe Paterno in my opinion.

With the being said speculation about where Urban Meyer will land after his fake retirement is over has lead people to believe he will end up in the Horseshoe.

ESPN’s Bruce Feldman does nothing to put out those flames.

My hunch is he might be the guy whenever Jim Tressel decides to step down at Ohio State, given that he is an Ohio guy and it is a very big job. To me, OSU seems a little more viable than some other potential openings.

I don’t think it is a viable option because I don’t see Tressel leaving OSU for a very long time. Meyer in my mind will be back in coaching within the next two to four years. I don’t see Tressel leaving OSU unless something crazy happened like him choking his wife or something.

Even if he did leave I don’t know if Meyer is a credible option mainly because emotionally you don’t know if he will leave the program after a few years because he is “burnt” out.

Plus he doesn’t a rock a sweater-vest and that is a prerequisite for any Ohio State head coach for the next 100 years.