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Video: Ryan Mallett Game Losing INT in Sugar Bowl Against Ohio State

When people start rationalizing prospective NFL quarterbacks, I always give a curious look when they say:

“But………He has a big arm.”

Granted you need to have at least a good arm to compete in the NFL, but in the entire scheme of things if a “rocket arm” is all you have, your success won’t be long in the NFL.

Ryan Mallett can make every NFL throw right now. When he has time in the pocket and settles his feet, he throws a beautiful ball.

That was on display for everyone to see last night in the Sugar Bowl.

Unfortunately for Mallett, what also was on display was what happens to him when he gets any type of pressure and is not comfortable in the pocket.

He panics and is inaccurate. Those two things will mean a short career as a starter in the NFL or a long career as a backup. Someone is going to invest a first round draft pick in him— the question will be was his last minute INT just a preview of what is to come in the NFL.

As far as the other quarterback in the game Terrelle Pryor, I think NFL scouts saw what they already knew. You have an athletic guy who can keep plays alive with his feet, throws a decent deep to intermediate ball, but is still learning to be a quarterback and stay in the pocket when things go wrong.

I think the best thing for Pryor if he was to go pro would be to get drafted in the 2nd and 3rd round to a team that truly wants to develop him.

He can sit and learn how to be a quarterback for at least two years, and when he is unleashed, he could have better long term success than some of the quarterbacks picked in the 1st round.

Ohio State once again saves the Big 10 from total embarrassment in the BCS—though just barely.