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What’s Next For Cameron Newton?

In Hip-Hop normally there is a building buzz for the next big emcee, be it Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Drake or whoever, you know about them before they really blow up.

Every once awhile someone will just come from nowhere and explode on the charts.

Cameron Newton reminds me of the rapper Nelly.

Locally in Saint Louis, people knew about Nelly he had been around for a minute, but nationally he was relatively unknown. Next thing you know “Country Grammar” comes out and in three months this guy no one knew about had sold ten million records.

In August not a lot of people knew Cameron Newton, by January everyone knew about Cam for good reasons and bad.

He lead his team to the BCS National Championship last night, he wasn’t spectacular, but he did enough to get the job done and now everyone wants to know what will be the encore.

Predicting who will be a good NFL quarterback is an inexact science.

Cameron Newton has some positives going for him. His size is imposing and he has a NFL ready arm. Pressure doesn’t seem to bother him much.

The negatives are he has only started one year of major college football, he is more dangerous as runner than passer, his “NFL” accuracy isn’t very good and he rarely played under center. He missed several wide open receivers last night and his reads were poor most of the evening.

I don’t see his character as an issue, he appears to be a decent individual (even though you never know these days) it’s his pops that is Creflo Dollar.

He had some issues at Florida, but from everything I have gathered he doesn’t seem the type you have to worry about showing up on the police blotter.

The question is will he put in the work or will he read the press clippings?

He will need to work hard at the next level if he wants to be a long term success at the quarterback position. If the money and the fame get to his head he will end up a mix of Alex Smith and Vince Young. It is in his hands what happens from this point on.

The only thing that can stop Cameron Newton, is Cameron Newton.