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White Chocolate Jason Williams Leaves Orlando Magic Over Playing Time

Are you as shocked as I am that Jason Williams is 35 years old, was drafted in 1998 and has been in the league for 11 years?  It doesn’t seem that long since he was Florida.

White Chocolate (one of the best nicknames ever) has left the Magic because he is upset that he has been riding the pine a lot this year.  Even moreso after the Magic traded for Gilbert Arenas.

Here are the details:

Reserve point guard Jason Williams, who has been upset for weeks over his lack of playing time, did not accompany the Orlando Magic to Indianapolis for Wednesday night’s game against the Pacers for unspecified reasons and could face disciplinary action from the team.

Otis Smith said that Williams’ situation will be dealt with after the team gets back to Orlando following Friday’s game in Chicago.

“Not so much in those terms of a release. We’re not into giving guys their release,’’ Smith said when asked if Williams had requested his release or a trade from the Magic. “He signed a contract to play basketball for the Orlando Magic and we expect him to uphold his end.

“From what I gather he’s facing a personal issue,’’ Smith continued. “I don’t know if he wants more playing time. That was talked to him about before we signed him. When we signed him we signed him as a third point guard, and that didn’t necessarily change.’’

If you have a contract you should honor it.

Williams needs to be more of a team player, because you never know especially with the Magic when he would have been needed.   Don’t be selfish it isn’t a good look.

He needs to get his head back in the game and support his teammates.

Don’t “Cutler” the situation.


The Magic have waived Jason Williams, don’t be shocked if it pops up with a contending team.