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Bills Great Thurman Thomas: Ryan Fitzpatrick >>> Cam Newton

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There are some rumblings that the Buffalo Bills will draft Cameron Newton with the #3 pick in the NFL Draft.

From this tweet by Thurman Thomas, I am going to assume he doesn’t think this is a good idea. He accuses anyone who thinks Cam Newton is better than current Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is on that “Charlie Sheen”.

If u guys think Cam is better than Fitz right now, u guys need to take a drug test.

The problem with Thomas’ statement is that Ryan Fitzpatrick is going into his 6th year in the NFL, he should be better than Cam Newton right now.

The point is in six years will Cam Newton be better than Ryan Fitzpatrick? No one knows the answer to that, but if you think Newton’s ceiling is of a franchise quarterback, then you have to take him. If you think Fitzpatrick is the guy to take you to the promise land, then you draft someone else who can help your team immediately.

Don’t need a drug test to figure that out.