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Cam Newton Signs Marketing Deal With IMG

If and it is a very big if, Cam Newton is a success in the NFL he is going to be a huge star.  When I say star I don’t mean just NFL star, I mean global star.

He has that Reggie Bush feel to him coming out of college.  Bush’s on the field accomplishments have been average, but he crossed over into the mainstream and it had nothing to do with football.

I believe that is why IMG signed him, they know if he is good that are going to have a huge money maker on their roster.

IMG Worldwide, the premier global sports, entertainment and media company, announced today that it has signed superstar quarterback for the Auburn University football Tigers, Cam Newton, for marketing, sponsorships and endorsements.

Under the terms of the exclusive multi-year agreement, IMG will represent Newton in the development, negotiation, organization and administration of all licensing, Internet, multimedia, endorsement, modeling, speaking, appearance, film, television, theatrical, broadcast, literary opportunities and similar activities. IMG will not represent Cam for his on field player contract.

Cameron has the look, personality and back story that will be very attractive to advertisers.

No word if IMG is representing Cecil Newton, Creflo Dollar style church sermons.