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Kanye West Booed at Chicago Bulls Game

I am sure in 20 years when he has mellowed a bit Kanye West will be looked upon more kindly, like Mike Tyson now with the pigeons.

At this particular moment, Kanye is continually annoying people to the point that even his hometown is a salty toward him.  Necole Bitchie has the details:

The always controversial, Kanye West arrived fashionably late to the Chicago Bulls-Miami Heat game last night in his hometown of Chicago. He was later introduced by the announcer and the crowd booed him. It’s hard to determine whether they were unhappy with his tardiness to the game or if it was a few recent incidents that landed him in the press.

This could be a backlash from Kanye tweeting about abortions and gold diggers (google it, I don’t want to get into that discussion).  West is a villain is a classical sense.

Whereas Jay Z would be more of a Lex Luther villian, Kanye is more like the Joker.

Brilliant and crazy at the same time.  Personally just from a distance he seems like a jerk, but who cares as long as the music is banging.