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Video: Finally The Rock Has Come Back To The WWE!!!

“Whats the dealings? It’s like New York’s been soft Ever since Snoop came through and crushed the buildings” Jay Z

That line pretty much describes my feeling and the feelings of many fans who grew up on the WWF/WWE when The Rock left wrestling to do movies.

Unlike most wrestlers he has been pretty successful in Hollywood, going as far as now he is just known as Dwayne Johnson. Like The Rock most of us moved on.

The last time I watched wrestling consistently I had recently graduated from The Ohio State University and was in my early 20’s and didn’t have a care in the world.

To put things in context. my daughter will turn 7 on Thursday the 17th. Time has flown by. I haven’t watched a full WWE show in years. I was in the middle of watching an past episode of “House” on my DVR when I started to see the tweets all saying something similar to this.


It had been so long since I watched, I didn’t even know what channel it was on and after fumbling with the remote, I found the channel (USA if you wanted to know) to come in on the Rock right in the middle of his trademark catchphrases.

The Rock will be hosting Wrestlemania in Atlanta (The BSO Jet maybe fueling).

It was like I was in the hot tub time machine, until my daughter woke up asked for some orange juice and said:

“Daddy why is the guy from the Tooth Fairy movie in a wrestling ring?”

If she only knew…………..if she only knew.