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Barry Bonds Trainer Greg Anderson Imprisoned Yet Again

One of the best movies I have ever seen is Goodfellas.  Early in the movie after being arrested, Ray Liotta’s character Henry is told  “Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut” by the great Jimmy Conway played by Robert De Niro.

Obviously Greg Anderson, Barry Bonds trainer and long time friend took Conway’s words to heart.  Anderson once again refused to testify in the United States Government witch hunt of Bonds and the great mystery (insert Rock eyebrow here) of whether he took steroids “knowingly” today.

Seven years ago Barry Bonds told a federal grand jury that he didn’t “knowingly” take steroids.  Seven years ago, the entire world believed he took steroids.  Seven years later, the United States is wasting time and money to prove that Bonds lied in saying he didn’t take steroids. I think you see where I’m going with this.  At one time, Bonds was the most vilified man in sports, but with time comes forgiveness and it seems as if America has moved on from hating Bonds.

Anderson has steadfastly refused to testify in the case choosing to be confined to a cell rather than potentially implicate Bonds in the perjury charges he’s facing.  Without Anderson, the government’s case looks to be dependent on a former mistress of the home run king’s claims of shrunken testicles.  On another note, don’t all exes say something of that nature after the relationship’s done.

I for one salute Anderson in holding his ground and staying true to his friend and client Bonds.  One can only assume a great payout awaits Anderson on the other side of all his prison time.  It’s safe to say that if this were The First 48, you wouldn’t find a soda or cigarette within Anderson’s reach.