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Barry Bonds’ Voicemails to His Mistress Kimberly Bell Revealed


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How long has the government been trying to convict Barry Bonds of perjury?

It has almost been ten years and they have spent millions of dollars on this case. Call me crazy, but I think our tax dollars could have been used in better ways.

Everyone knows Bonds lied about using steroids,  but do we will really need a trial for this?  Does anyone even care?

Since I never turned a blind eye to a good mistress story, let’s take a look at how Bonds’ mistress Kimberly Bell could be the one to bring him down.

Most of the messages show Bonds angrily inquiring after Kimberly Bell’s whereabouts.

A few of the recordings showed a playful and caring Bonds calling Bell his “little spark plug” who brings “a lot of bright stuff to my life.” He leaves several similar messages around a Valentine’s Day.

“Hello? I’m working out right now, but I’m calling you to wish you a happy, happy, happy, happy Valentine’s, ’cause you worth all that and all them wishes. Love to you baby, peace.”

Another shows him complaining about his inability to drop by her apartment because his Porsche broke down and his wife and children need the other car, a Mercedes.

“Just chill and I’ll catch up with you,” he says.

But many others are darker and abusive. He calls her a “slut” in one, and uses more graphic language in others.

“You better reach out and page me once in a while or you’re up to something other than that,” he says in one of the few angry voicemails devoid of profanity. “Girl, I ain’t playing.”

Bonds also, at one point, admonishes Bell: “don’t forget to erase your messages, later.”

To me, it sounds like Bonds is your normal paranoid married man with a mistress. Some highs, some lows always in a constant state of worry.

Miss Bell, after she turned on Bonds ,went on to do Playboy— meaning she has a price.

The lesson here, is if you are doing some dirt, don’t confide in your sidepiece.