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Cam Newton Will Not Be on the Cover of EA’s NCAA 12

There is one thing that bothers me about this and I am going to get to it, but first here is how they are going to decide who is on the cover of college football’s best video game franchise.

EA announced on Thursday that they will be casting a Facebook vote to decide the cover athlete for this year’s game. While the fans will have the final say, EA has already pegged four soon-to-be-NFLers as your finalists.

The four finalists include: Auburn defensive tackle and potential #1 pick Nick Fairley, Alabama’s Heisman running back Mark Ingram, Washington QB Jake Locker, and Oklahoma’s multitalented running back DeMarco Murray.

Here is my issue, I understand completely why EA Sports is scared to put Cam Newton on the cover.  If at some point during the year there is some proof that he knew about the pay for play scandal it could be marketing disaster, so they are well within their rights not to make him a finalist.

But to put Nick Fairley on the list, screams of hypocrisy on their part.  Fairley, while a very talented player is also a dirty player.  Cam might have his hands dirty, but in general seems like a nice guy, Fairley has purposefully tried to injure other players.

If you want people to think you are taking the high road, don’t be a hypocrite about it, be consistent in your decision making.