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Carmelo Anthony Runs and Hides From Media After Knicks Loss to Pistons

The one knock on Carmelo is that he doesn’t have the proper attitude to be a leader.

When things are going well, he is all smiles— but when things go bad, he sulks and complains.  He is doing nothing to shed that reputation after his disappearing act after the Knicks’ awful loss to the Pistons.

If you are looking for an explanation from Carmelo Anthony for his worst game as a member of the New York Knicks, read no further. He didn’t provide one.

Instead, he bolted for the team bus and stayed there, hiding. A Knicks team official later passed along word that Anthony would not be emerging to face the music.

He was 0-for-5 in the fourth quarter, 2-for-12 overall and scored just six points, looking disengaged except for the instance when he yelled for a foul to be called when he drove to the hoop and appeared to get hit across the arms by Chris Wilcox with 38 seconds remaining and the Knicks trailing by two.

Amar’e for his part did talk to the media and is proving to be the real leader of the Knicks–and an “elegant” leader at that. The Knicks who are just 7-7 since Carmelo came on board, are sputtering on their way to the playoffs.

Melo wanted to play in the “Flashing Lights”, but when they get too bright, is he always going to run in the shadows?