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Pics: Jayci Stephen Really The Woman BYU’s Brandon Davies Got Pregnant?


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It appears that Brandon Davis got around.

He didn’t just have a girlfriend (Pics: BYU’s Brandon Davies Girlfriend Danica Mendivil Revealed).

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It looks like he had a “sidepiece” as well and she maybe the woman that got him suspended from the BYU basketball team. Our friends at Frat House Sports, have been all over this story.

As it turns out Brandon Davies didn’t get his girlfriend, Arizona State volleyball player Danica Mendivil, pregnant. While Mendivil is the girl Davies been dating for the past two years, we have exclusive news that he cheated and got Utah Valley University student Jayci Stephen pregnant.

According to a sources close to the family, 19 year old Jayci Stephen was “banished from Provo”, where she’d been staying, on Wednesday for having premarital relations with Davies and has since gone to her sisters house in Nevada to escape the media coverage.

The two have been seeing each other “for only 3-4 months and have no plans of getting married” now that a baby is on it’s way. And while “Jayci is excited” about the pregnacy our sources tell us “the family is NOT happy at all. Her father is a former bishop and sent her to Provo because he felt she was getting into too much trouble in SoCal”. Well I guess that worked out for them.

Check out some of her Formspring messages before she disabled the account, she likes the Chocolate.

Those are some interesting answers by Miss Stephen, sounds like a very “fun” girl.

Who knows what is really true and what isn’t.

One thing I do know is all these liaisons that Davies is having, doesn’t make him a bad person or not honorable, just makes him human.