Video: Big Baby Davis on Spike Lee’s Russian Hat: “C’Mon Son!!!” – BlackSportsOnline
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Video: Big Baby Davis on Spike Lee’s Russian Hat: “C’Mon Son!!!”

When Carmelo said “it is going to take some time” for the Knicks to gel, you should have been very concerned if you were a fan.  Not because it isn’t true, but serial killers never signal defeat until every bullet in the chamber has been shot and they are bleeding on the side of the road.

You want your leaders to say regardless if the team is a 6th, 7th or 8th seed, that they believe no matter what they are going to claw tooth and nail for that title.

When your star has a “wait until next year” mentality that says he might not have the “TigerBlood” needed to lead a team to a championship.

The Celtics laid the smackdown to the Knicks in the second half and the Knicks folded.

Spike Lee who is even more emotionally invested (if that is possible) now that the Knicks acquired Melo and Amar’e gets clowned by Big Baby Davis in his post game interview with NBA TV.

You know things are bad when you are getting mocked by Big Baby Davis, that is like getting beat down by Perez Hilton.

Poor Spike.

H/T @jose3030 for the video.