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Another Reason or Two For People To Hate Duke

So I’m sure most college basketball fans have read the article “An Open Letter to Kyrie Irving” written by Chris Cusack of The Duke Chronicle, if not Google it’s not a total waste of time. Basically this “letter” gives some sarcastic reasons as to why Kyrie should declare for the NBA draft. Reasons such as becoming a Duke legend if he comes back, losing money if there is a lockout, playing for the Cavs or the Raptors…you know things of that sort. I read it and I could appreciate the sarcasm. I mean through the sarcasm there were some valid points like having to play for the Cavs; that would almost be a deterrent for me if I were Kyrie. I mean just knowing that there was a chance that I would be drafted by a team of that caliber (hence the sarcasm) would almost compel me to stay another the year. In actuality though even if Kyrie decided to stay another year the Cavs would probably be at the leader board to draft him again in 2012, but that’s neither here nor there.

Anyways I was emailed this blog entry this morning entitled “Kyrie, Bro, We’ll Never Forgive You”. The actual title of the blog is Seth Curry Saves Duke. Feel free to Google it, but at this very moment I’m still upset that I can’t get those few minutes of my life back. The author of this blog is basically stating that Kyrie is less of a man because he went pro instead of coming back to Duke. This person goes in stating how his father was so loyal to a company that he did prison time for them and in comparison Kyrie knows nothing about loyalty. The gist of the blog is that Kyrie owes Duke and that they are never going to forgive him for declaring for the NBA draft.

I just want to say bravo to the folks who keep giving people a reason to hate Duke. I’m a Maryland fan so I don’t need any more reasons to not like Duke. Now I’m not saying that these two people signify the sentiments of the entire Blue Devil Nation, but like it or not they are representing Duke Fans. Everyone out there who thinks that Duke Fans are arrogant and/or obnoxious just had fuel added to their fire. They were given one, possibly two more reasons to dislike the Duke Fan base. Now if I’m a Duke fan I’m not sure if I would care if people hate me. I would not however want to be represented by whoever is the mastermind behind Seth Curry Saves Duke. How about some Duke fans come out and point out some legitimate reasons for people not to like Duke, like the fact that since Coach K has been there Duke has won 4 National Championships, went to 11 Final Fours, had 19 Sweet Sixteen Appearances, and 25 ACC titles. So how about people just let Kyrie do what’s best for Kyrie. I mean one man doesn’t make or break the mighty Duke program. Does it?