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Cam Newton….Love Him Or Hate Him?

It seems as if every time I have a conversation with someone concerning Cam Newton it instantaneously turns negative. Even after the conversation is over and done I find myself wondering how Cam Newton became the man people love to hate. I understand that a lot of controversy followed him during his playing days at Auburn but last time I checked Cam was cleared of all wrongdoing.

Cam is no longer in college and is an NFL prospect so why is it that people are still stuck on something that he was cleared of from his college days? The fact is that Cam is about to be a highly paid NFL Quarterback and the only questions that NFL teams should have should be in relation to his ability as a quarterback. Holding a NCAA investigation over his head is simply not fair….especially since he was found to have done nothing wrong. It’s not as if Cam Newton was being investigated for a serious crime such as robbery or assault or anything related to drugs, he was being investigated for allegedly taking money…which I’m convinced that all “good” college athletes do…all of them just don’t get caught. My point is the investigation should not be a talking point in regards to the NFL.

Hall of fame quarterback Warren Moon seems to think that the criticism that Cam is receiving is racially motivated. He had this to say to

“A lot of the criticism he is receiving is unfortunate and racially biased. I don’t see any other quarterbacks in the draft being criticized by the media or fans about their smile or called phony.”

Now Warren Moon was referring to a scouting report of Cam that was published by Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly that stated that Cam’s smile came across as fake and phony and that Cam had a huge ego. In regards to that, I agree with Warren Moon’s statement. I can’t figure out why it matters whether or not a person’s smile seems “real” or “fake” is important when it comes to playing football.  Nor should it matter if some people thought that he came across as having a huge ego, especially if he is talented enough to have a huge ego.

Now there is no proof that Cam’s race is inviting criticism, I’m not saying that it’s not; I’m just saying that it’s unfounded. After reading about and watching Cam during the combine and Auburn’s pro day and let’s not forget the monster year he had at Auburn, I would say that the consensus is that Cam is a pretty good quarterback and that really should be all that matters. Whatever team decides to draft Newton it won’t be because he has a likable personality, it will be because they see potential in him. Besides once he’s drafted he can calm all this negativity down by stepping on the field and being the quarterback that led Auburn to a championship and won the Heisman trophy.