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Harlem Nights Suit Salesman Rashan S. Michel Had Bad Rep Before Nique Beatdown

Normally the man who is selling Harlem Nights suits isn’t the one with the most integrity in the world. Many times they have the moral code of a hustler and swindler.

The fact that Rashan S. Michel somehow was able to become a NBA Ref, should tell you everything that is wrong with the NBA officials and why they can’t be trusted..

Not surprisingly Michel’s reputation is not the greatest. The New York Post has the details.

“It was only a matter of time before someone stomped a mud hole in Rashan’s butt and walked it dry,” essentially proclaimed a former refereeing partner. “He was talented and troubled in the same way Tim Donaghy was talented and troubled. Both exhibited similar flashing warning signals. The league ignored the tell-tale signs of one and discharged the other

“Supposedly he had a drinking-and-driving problem and was put on probation, at least once,” the source said. “That’s what I heard at the time. You’re obliged to alert the league if you get caught up in something inappropriate. Evidently he failed to do that and that was all she wrote.”

By all accounts, Michel is the kind of guy who fancies himself as more important than what he’s got goin’ on . . . such as brokering suit deals between pricey tailors and affluent athletes he would ingratiate. A perk — if not (partial) payment for suits — of those relationships, seemingly meant getting ushered to expensive locations at Turner Field and Philips Arena.

My sources tell me this isn’t the first time that Michel’s has caught a beat down. Rumor has it he is the Young Berg of Atlanta constantly taking Ls left and right.

Maybe that is why Nique had no fear busting up his face to look like Antonio Margarito after the Pacquiao fight.