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Major League Baseball Should Strike While It Can

Let’s be honest, baseball hasn’t been America’s past time in quite some time.  It doesn’t take Bill Cosby to see the proof in the pudding of America’s preferred sport.  NFL Sunday ticket purchases, fantasy football, or the annual mega party that used to be just a Super Bowl prove who’s the reigning king.

Maybe you’ve heard already, but the NFL is going through a little lockout situation that’s almost certain to effect the upcoming season. Couple the lockout with an increased awareness of safety that’s even attracted the “ever busy” Capitol Hill’s attention and the vulnerability of the NFL looks to be rising.

In the mighty NFL’s rear view is the NBA.  Despite lacking the parity of the NFL, the NBA boasts the best athletes in the world and some of the most popular.  If you beg to differ, just know that ESPN’s ill-received “The Decision” starring Lebron James was the network’s top rated non NFL show of 2010.  The NBA would stand prime to benefit from the NFL’s current problems if only there wasn’t a lockout on the horizon for it as well.

The aforementioned leaders labor situations will without a doubt leave an opening for the MLB to possibly return to glory.  Not since Sammy Sosa was a shade of brown has anyone been able to say such regarding America’s once past time.  The opportunity is there for baseball to repair an image coincidentally damaged by the same steroid era that once repaired its own labor damage.

Judging by the scarce attendance in ballparks through the first week of the season, a lot of work needs to be done.  It’s up to the MLB to seize the opportunity to make this a three league contest again.