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Pics: Michi Nogami Marshall Stabs Brandon Marshall Claims Self Defense

Michi Nogami Marshall Mugshot

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Before I give you some insider information, here are the details about what happened.

Andrew Carter of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel writes that, according to the police report, Marshall’s wife, Michi, has admitted to stabbing her husband with a kitchen knife.

She claims that the act was committed in self-defense.

Marshall contends, per the report, that he slipped and fell on a vase. A twist on Jay Glazer’s report that the authorities originally believed that Mrs. Marshall threw a vase or a lamp at Marshall, that it shattered, and that he was stuck by a piece of it.


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What I am about to tell you next shouldn’t be considered fact, but just general information from sources I trust.  This isn’t the first altercation that Brandon and Michi have gotten into to.

Almost from the time they have met, there have been physical altercations from both sides.  Marshall since back in college has been accused as someone who frequently liked to put his hands on women.

Many assumed the marriage was doomed from the start because, as one anonymous source told me this morning.

“I am surprised it took this long for her to stab him.”

They both could be in serious trouble based on the police statements and as we get more information we will let you know.  Brandon Marshall should make a full recovery.