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BSO Model of the Week: Charisse Monet ( @CharisseMonet )

Each week, BlackSportsOnline will profile a young lady who is doing big things in the world of modeling an other entertainment or professional industries. At the end of the year there will be a vote for the BSO Model of the Year.

Charisse Monet

How did you get started in the modeling industry?

Well I got started In modeling when I graduated from college, its something my family always tried to get me into since both my mom and grandmother were involved in the industry. And since growing up my main focus was sports and getting my degree I decided to wait to pursue modeling and acting after I finished school.

I started with small fashion shows, shoots and plays to build my resume and gain experience. I also got on set experience by doing back round work in movies and tv shows. And I also took acting classes.

I found all of my work through websites and meeting people. I grinded for anything I got.

What do you think of when you here the term “urban model”? If you were referred to as that would it be offensive?

When I here the term “Urban Model” I think of a model that isn’t seen as high fashion she’s not that typical thin, white or European model that would be featured in Vogue Wearing Vivienne Westwood for example. An Urban model would have all the model looks but have a more curvier body type, a model that is of a different ethnicity such as black or Hispanic she’s known as an Ethnic model. She would appeal physically to a larger audience. This type of model could be doing anything from king magazine to Essence and maybe be seen on Rip the runway perhaps.

And no I would not be offended by this title I am a women of color and I would get put in that urban category because of that as well as because of my body type. But I would however like to appeal and work for a larger demographic not just to the “urban” culture, but seen on a larger scale. And since I’m 5’11 and have unique features like my freckles I think I would be able to crossover to many different venues.

I talk about “The Thirst” a lot. What is your feelings on men in how they should approach women and can they been too thirsty so to speak?

Lol at “the thrist”, well most men who are immature could be classified as thirsty. these are the men that don’t know how to speak to a women with respect. Saying things like “hey ma let me holla at ya” or “shawty you so fine” and things like that don’t cut it. We are no longer 16 please approach me like you have common sense and have some kind of education. Also going to hard is not necessary fellas, most women know right away if they are interested in a guy the extra phone calls and facebook pokes make you looks “thirsty” and that’s No bueno.

Imma sucka for a nice smile and dimples, approach me with a smile and a compliment and show me that you know how to speak to a lady and that you have common sense and most importantly make sure that you can make eye contact it shows me how interested you really are ; )

Oh and 1 more thing if she says she has a man she probably does but more importantly guys it means she’s NOT interested. its sad how I use that line all the time and they keep asking for my # anyway aka “the thirst” lol

How has social media allowed you to increase your exposure and recognition?

The usage of Social model has been huge so far in my modeling in acting career. I have met amazing photographers, stylists, casting agents and many more people in the industry on twitter and Facebook alone. I actually found out about a huge casting for Essence Magazine on twitter which I booked. The usage of the internet alone has become 1 of the biggest platforms for models careers. I have come to find out this industry is all about who you know and who knows you with social networks you have so many important people and information at your fingertips and they have instant access to you.

Modeling has become like rapping and blogging in that it seems like everyone thinks they can do it, can you explain in your mind what separates the real models from the Twodel?

I have seen my fair share of the “twitter n facebook models” and I say to each its on every women wants to feel beautiful and if taking that bathroom pic and calling yourself a model does it then go ahead girl lol.

But to me a “real” model is someone getting paid to model and help sell a product, things such as Clothing, shoes, toothpaste etc. Modeling is just advertising and marketing to help that item sell so if your helping to sell that item your a legit model.

As far as these women modeling there body that’s what’s there trying to sell so I guess there modeling also lol
But then you have the people who are doing shoots and things in order to pursue it as a career and get more work. I call it simply just building your resume and gaining experience and exposure.

Are you into sports? If so what is your favorite and did you ever compete in any sports while growing up?

Yes I’m such a tomboy I LOVE SPORTS. basketball, football,tennis,track n field and even hockey. Basketball is my heart it was my first love. I spent more time playing ball growing up then anything else. Basketball was my escape my stress reliever and my boiyfriend, it made me that popular girl. I wasn’t known for my looks believe it or not when I was younger lol it was my success n sports I was one of the guys.

My dad played for the Giants and Bills so football was on I’m my house all the time. My dad hoped for boys to follow in his footsteps but instead he had me n my lil sister Leah who excelled in basketball. I received a full basketball scholarship to D1 Monmouth Univ. N jerz. I play the 2/3 I’m something like an athletic version of Ray Allen I can shoot the lights out and have a mean pull up, but yet I’m very fast always the first one down the court and jump pretty high I’m very athletic and I was also known as “miss shot blocker” I have very long arms so I blocked and altered a lot of shots.

I also was a star track athlete in high school I was top in the state and I hold high school records in the 200 and long jump.

What can we expect from you in the year 2011?

You can expect a lot from me this year. I took a break from modeling and acting and tried this whole corporate thing but I realize its not for me I need be doing what makes me happy so I plan on following my dreams again in this field. I’m planning on signing to a new agency which will lead to more work and I should be walking Miami swim fashion week this summer. I also plan on expanding my acting career and do more correspondent work. You will be seeing a lot more of me in the months to come. One last thing since a lot of people have been asking me about it, my website will be coming soon.

You guys can all follow me on twitter @CharisseMonet and add me on Facebook Charisse Monet Johnson and for serious booking inquiries email me at [email protected]

Thanks so much and God Bless