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Congratulations Cleveland!

I would just like to take the time out to congratulate the Cleveland Cavaliers organization and fans on winning the NBA lottery last night. To some people the #1 pick in this year’s draft means nothing due to the fact that this is probably the weakest draft in recent memory; however, to Cleveland I know this means the world to you. I saw the excitement in little Nicky Gilbert’s eyes when he realized that Cleveland would not only have the #1 draft pick, but the #4 as well. That Baron Davis trade seems much smarter now.

Who could have predicted that less than a year after LeBron James betrayed Cleveland, they would have so much to look forward to. I mean Kyrie Irving? Who wouldn’t draft him with the first pick? He is just the kind of guy that you build your organization around. Did you see him at Duke? He averaged 17pts per game as a freshman; never mind he only played 11 games. Imagine the combination of Irving and another freshman phenom with the 4th pick, Kentucky’s Enes Kanter, and Cleveland suddenly has…11 games of collegiate basketball domination.

Now Cleveland, with all the excitement that winning the draft lottery brings your Cavs, don’t forget the past. Remember when you drafted LeBron in 2003? Remember how he betrayed you? Remember how you did everything possible to keep him happy? Remember, Cleveland, how you gave him Shaq and then Antwan Jamison while both of them were in their prime? Remember how you gave him all of that and he still left? I remember how hurt you guys were. I remember the burned LeBron jerseys, Dan Gilbert’s false promise of winning a championship before LeBron, the new nicknames for the self proclaimed King. You know the Lebrick’s and the LeBum’s. I know you remember Cleveland.

Let that be a lesson learned. So when Kyrie’s contract is up and he decides to leave be prepared Cleveland. If he leaves, it’s his loss. If he decides to leave one the greatest basketball organizations in the NBA let him. You’ll find his replacement. Just as Kyrie will replace LeBron, someone will replace Kyrie if need be. If you remember nothing else Cleveland…. remember never to let a player become bigger than your great organization.

Once again Cleveland congratulations on your new beginning.