D Wade on Barkley’s Whiny Comments: “We Know What Bandwagon Means” – BlackSportsOnline
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D Wade on Barkley’s Whiny Comments: “We Know What Bandwagon Means”

I am very comfortable with my pick of the Heat winning the NBA Finals, but they sure are a sensitive bunch.  Charles Barkley publicly stated he thinks the Heat whine too much and think too highly of themselves.

I think this is true as well.  D Wade address those comments in a way that only makes Barkley look spot on.

I’m done addressing what Charles has to say.” Except he wasn’t. “That’s the way he thinks, and that’s fine,” he said. “He’s not in our locker room. He’s not going to have any bearing on what we do in the game of basketball. So that’s fine. We don’t care what people have to say about us. We’re coming out to win the game. And we understand what the word ‘bandwagon’ means.”

Granted there are a lot of bandwagon Heat fans, but Wade, Lebron, Avatar Bosh and the others do care what people say about them.  That is why Lebron has lists and D Wade thinks the world is a better place when the Heat lose.

They can’t seem to comprehend they started this firestorm with their actions when they decided to become Super Friends.

Athletes are sensitive and whiny, but the one thing he is correct about, is that it has no bearing on what goes on once the game starts.  It wouldn’t kill them to be somewhat humble though, is that too much to ask for?